Does anyone have an untouched 78-79 Malibu, El Camino or Monte Carlo with air conditioning? I need a picture of the capillary switch mounting



Master Mechanic
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
I took my hvac box apart on my car and did not think to take a picture of how the capillary switch is mounted to the hvac box. This is the switch with the capillary tube that mounts to the smaller tube on the evaporator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
79 USA 1

79 USA 1

Master Mechanic
Sep 2, 2011
Cheektowaga, New York
I not sure these will help but... These are from my 88 Super Sport Monte Carlo which I believe uses the same heater box.
P7252169.JPG P7252168.JPG P7252170.JPG P7252167.JPG
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