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Oct 25, 2019
Hi Everyone!
I have an '84 Caprice, with a 305. The vacuum unit of of EFE (or heat riser valve) is no longer working--it was making a rattling sound--as soon as I removed the vacuum hose it stopped. Is there any place I can get just the vacuum actuator? I've seen that it's held onto the valve by a small bolt and the connecting rod is held onto a pin by a clip. Seems silly to have to replace the whole unit.


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Jan 2, 2006
You will have to find another one that's good and swap them. If you can replace it without having to take the entire valve out of the system, it's a whole lot easier. There is an "E" clip on the rod and at least one bolt holding the actuator on.

If you attempt an actuator swap, take the EXISTING actuator off the car first and make sure to hit it with some PB Blaster or suitable penetrant and let it sit. I say to do it that order because the bolt will likely be rusty and if you break it off in your existing one, you'll be removing the entire valve anyway and just replace the entire valve without dismantling your "new" one.

I have never seen an actuator sold separately, and I've never seen nor heard of the actuator itself having a separate part number.

The valve fails open by design, so it won't have any effect on your engine if you had to leave it in place. The TCV that controls it vents it after the coolant reaches a certain temperature and once warmed up, cuts off vacuum to the unit anyway. Unless the return spring is broken, I'd either leave it as is or wire it open if the return spring is busted allowing the valve to flap around.

If the diaphragm has failed, it is essentially a vacuum leak for a short time during warm up until the TCV vents the actuator. You can simply remove the hose connection from the TCV to the actuator, tape over the end of the TCV port and put the connection back on and take care of any vacuum leak. Just a couple ideas.
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