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Apr 2, 2018
A few years back, the shop that swapped in the V8 replacing the old V6 made also the adjustments in the cable system under the hood. The routing however sucks and doesn't seem to be as it should be. Right now I am rebuilding and planing a proper cable setup/routing. Unfortunately I have no references from the Haynes-manual for the charging setup that match either the V6 or V8 system. Here is what it currently looks like:

- 140Amp Powermaster 1-wire alternator (#67293) with an extra connector port. The latter one currently unused, but I guess its where the Volt-gauge gets hooked to, in order to monitor if the regulator within the alternator works fine.

- 1 red 8gauge cable (unfused) runs from the larger starter (+) directly to the fuseblock under the dash

- 1 red 8gauge cable (unfused) runs to the fuseblock under the dash but has a junction with an 8gauge cable (unfused) coming down from the alternator

It works, but my guess is that this causes a lot of the electrical mischief I currently have, especially with some of my gauges not being acurate, or having to buy a new car battery every 2 years because the old one died.

Is it better to run a large battery cable from the alternator directly to the battery(+) and from there route the current in 8gauge cables to the fusebox?
Any advice or schematics how to properly setup this mess is greatly apreciated!

with the V6 engine I had a cable coming from the fusebox, running to the choke of the carb. according to the car-manual it says that it was for V6 only, but I can't find any infos on how the V8's were supplied. Is it safe to assume, that I can hook it to the choke of an aftermarket Edelbrock carburetor? If yes, I could kick the crap my mechanic thumbled together to make the carb-choke work.
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