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Feb 25, 2005
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OK. Not naming names. And there is more than one "case" ongoing so this isn't a specific user or anything.

Once upon a time we had a huge issue with the "old guard" here playing gatekeepers and essentially running off new users for, well, whatever reasons.

Once again, this needs to stop. This isn't Yellow Bullet. If people ask you to stop being a dick in their thread, idk, maybe just stop being a dick (if that's possible), or just walk away. Doesn't matter what you think of them, if you think they're dumb, ignoring your advice, whatever. Just don't. Put them in *your* ignore list, so you don't have to listen to their constant n00b garbage. See how easy that was?

No need to dog-pile on the new guys who probably don't even have a clue what you're talking about. I've been there. Once you get to a point and learn certain things, its like "oh yeah, duh." Until you know, you don't know.

BUT looks like We're back to this sort of thing, albeit with a new group of gatekeepers.

I started this site bc I wanted to LEARN STUFF about my car. And talk to like minded people I like to think that's why pretty much all of you are here, too.

Just a curious correlation, (a few of) those who have previously engaged in this sort of behavior are no longer with us. For various reasons.

If you continue to disrespect other users, especially when they've said "hey knock it off plz" then you're not part of the solution but part of the problem.

And this goes for using reactions to achieve the same goals. Its the same thing.

Protip: Complaining about your freeze peach isn't going to sway me into your favor either. So just don't.
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