WARNING Fabrication Tools: Advice Needed! (People love exclamation points)


Nov 18, 2009
Saskatchewan, Truckistan
With Natasha "retiring", and us looking to develop our corporation, I am looking for some guidance on some decent (home-gamer) quality fabrication tools. Available in/shipping to Canada is a must.

1. Tubing bender (up to 2" diameter and 1/8" wall) - manual or hydraulic;

2. Tubing notcher;

3. Metal brake; and

a. Bonus for sheet metal roller and shear.

4. Heavy Duty Cart/Trolley-mounted Band Saw (7" maw, variable rate and coolant fed is ideal).

The obvious go to is: https://www.woodwardfab.com/ But, I would love some suggestions.

I need to move sooner rather than later as the inflated prices are getting insane: https://ca.jbtools.com/brands/Woodward-Fab.html

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Sloppy McRodbender
Supporting Member
Oct 24, 2017
Red Deer, Northern Montana territory
I have the Magnum tubing bender and their notcher. I would recommend both, the bender takes JD2 dies and comes with 3 sizes of 90 degree dies for less than a JD2 with one die.

The notcher is a clone of a standard JD2 and takes standard hole saws, it works for a non-offset notcher.

Both are cheaper than competitors.

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