GRAND PRIX Factory Center Console Repairs



Aug 29, 2010
Got a factory center console from someone YEARS ago that came out of a '79 Grand Prix for my '82. Recently I FINALLY got it all cleaned up and installed an arm rest on it that was found on eBay years ago as well. The carpet was gone on the console, but was able to find some on eBay, but when I went to test fit it on the console, the edges started unraveling. So now I need to find something else to use in place of the carpet. Will use the old pieces as a pattern. Needs to be thick enough to fill in the gap between the console and side vent panels.

Also was wondering how to redo the shifter face plate that has the wood grain on it. The one I got on eBay is worn pretty bad. Are there any companies out there that would have replacement wood grain for the GP console? Some areas on the sides of the console have worn spots and wondered what kind of paint should be used. Or maybe the bucket seats would just cover up those areas and I wouldn't need to repaint! Had to find parts for the console as most were gone when I bought it. Thank goodness I got most of the parts I needed years ago on eBay, as you sure can't find much for G-Bodies there anymore!

Can the mounting bracket be installed on the floor with the carpet (just cut enough for the bracket to be bolted to the floor) without removing the carpet completely? I have to have a body shop do this am I'm physically unable to do the job myself. At least I could get the console put together with the parts I gathered up!

Right now I have a universal console in the car that I got at a garage sale for $5! It's one that you can get at Walmart for $28. I kind of like it better than the factory console, as it's got four cup holders. Now I don't know which way I should go! Keep the universal console or use the factory one! I know I could sell the factory one with no problem. My GP has column shift and of course would rather have floor shift, but that may not happen for a long time. Decisions, decisions! Thanks.
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Jun 11, 2013
I believe that side console vent carpeting (whatever its called) is only found on the Grand Prixs. I'll be interested in how this turns out. Post up some pics if you have. I've always wondered on my car once I replace the carpeting what to do with that side carpeting. Fabricate a piece of aluminum or wood and glue carpeting just cut out a new patch and glue it on the side etc


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Apr 23, 2009
Greensboro, NC
I've had my console out of my '87 several times, but never really paid attention to the carpet pieces, other than just a general cleaning...

could you maybe take a lighter to the edges of the carpet backing, kinda like you do with loose threads on clothes? could maybe check into a headliner material as an alternative to carpet. I bought some fabric with a thin layer of foam at Joann fabric...

as far as mounting the console brackets, these are usually welded in, but don't really see any problem bolting them in as an alternative, but not sure a bodyshop would mount them like that....

sounds like you have a good plan laid out for the car! be sure to post up pics as you go!

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