Felpro 1 Piece Oil Pan Gasket Question and A Bit Of Info


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Mar 10, 2010
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I know. Theres a few threads about this but I think you guys will find this interesting and maybe answer my question at the same time.

The crate motor for my wagons been on the stand for a few weeks. Its been interesting to say the least but I wont go into all the details.
I had a Felpro 1 piece oil pan gasket on the motor. Used it when I swapped the chrome Proform timing chain cover out for a painted one when I first bought the motor. The guy that built my 406 gave me a hand putting everything back together since the last pan gasket I did was years ago on the 355 in my 72 Nova. Never used a 1 piece before. I should have paid more attention when he was putting the pan back on. When I took it off there was a little bit of Ultra Black at all 4 corners and in the channels front and back. What should I do ? Run a small bead on just the block side ? Wide bead and a glob at the timing cover ? Some on the block and pan ? Like I said, the last pan gasket I put on was 4 pieces.

Now the interesting part. I didnt have the part number for the Felpro 1 piece. The one I took off has some small raised numbers on one side. I run up the block to the local Advance Auto and the guy couldnt match the numbers. I called Felpro and spoke to a customer service guy. He gave the the part number for a "high performance gasket". I go back to the Advance and of course they dont have it. I called the speed shop thats 45 minutes away. They didnt have the "high performance" gasket in stock but the guy tells me the OE gasket is the same one. Just different packaging and less money. At first I didnt realize what he was telling me. Then he says if I get the "marine gasket" it was even more money.
Kinda doubting this I wound up calling Felpro back. I actually got the same customer service guy. The guy in the speed shop was right.
Felpro has the EXACT SAME 1 piece gasket packaged in 3 different boxes/packages and theyre all different prices. The OE that you can buy in the chain parts places is the cheapest price. Performance package next and marine use is the most expensive. Unreal


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Sep 18, 2019


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