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Aug 22, 2013
ontario, canada
Howdy everyone, I joined the forum a few years back, but haven’t been on for a long time so I figured a reintroduction was due...I’m Thomas, I’m 22 years old..from Beaverton Ontario, I’ve got a 1981 Chevrolet Malibu (Iraqi taxi) It was my first vehicle that I bought when I was 15, have since owned many others but never got rid of the ol Mali, she isn’t anything too special, but special to me..ya know? The car has been painted flat black primer the entire time I’ve owned it, and bone stock..until now lol hence why Ive come back to the site, I’ve recently bought a 1984 Grand Prix that is entirely rotted out, sole purpose of buying that car was that I’m taking the 350 sbc out and putting it in my bu, now this is my first ever engine swap so any advice would be great, as far as progress, I’m Very close to removing engine and trans, in fact all that’s left is the trans cross member, trans linkages and motor mounts, so itl probably be removed by later this week...thank you all for reading, and like I said, any advice would be great! Cheers!




Royal Smart Person
Dec 18, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Are you keeping the 3 speed stick, or going automatic?
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