Front soft Brake Hose replacement - help me with procedure


May 25, 2021
Hey guys I split one of my front brake lines and now I'm having a hard time getting the hose off of its clip.


Is there some trick to this im missing? When i put a wrench on the left side with the soft brake line, it started to spin the hard brake line on the right rather than brake loose. I tried to hold the hard line on the right with a smaller wrench, but the brake line was taking a ton of force and still not breaking loose and starting to feel like something was rounding off so I stopped.

Anyone done this before? Does it just take a lot of torque?


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Jan 18, 2018
The hard line is the side that turns. You just hold back on the hose side. Loosen the hard line side.


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Jan 2, 2006
Advice: When replacing one brake hose, replace the other if you hadn't already. It's just a matter of time at this point if both have the same age on them. The rubber hose end has a hex-like shape on it that fits into the same shape hole in the bracket to keep it from turning. Hopefully you didn't damage that. To get the clip off the rubber line at the bracket, I would use a pair of Vise-Grips (adjustable locking pliers) and clamped it on the tab of the clip. Then took a hammer and bumped that thing off with appropriate force. Do this AFTER you get the hard line broke loose. The banjo side of things will come off rather easily since it's just a bolt with holes in it. I suggest getting some new copper banjo seals if the new brake hoses don't come with any.


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Jun 6, 2014
Houston, TX.
Tip - be sure you are using a Flare Nut wrench to loosen the hard line. If not, you will round the nut, and it will need to be replaced as you will not be able to get enough torque on it to keep it from leaking, after you replace the soft line.


Jun 19, 2021
Thanks! I'll try that. I'm letting some penetrating oil soak in right now.
Use flare nut wrenches not standard wrenches on tubing fittings. Hold the rubber side with the bigger wrench put the tube side where you can hold the big wrench with one hand and strike the small wrench with the heel of your other hand. Make sure the tube side wrench is straight and lined up properly. In my experience tube fittings don't like to be torqued off they work better knocked lose.

Once it is broken lose just use a regular wrench to finish the job.


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