Front suspension advice needed.

slow 442

Jan 16, 2014
I have an 86 442 with speedway uppers, stock height ball joints, stock springs, bumpstops ,running 2"drop spindles and bilstein ak shocks. The 442 has stock sway bars with poly bushings up front and moog 5409 springs with mystery shocks,stock rear bar and tubular lowers. I'm running 205/70/15 up front and 255/60/ 15 in the rear. I installed the drop spindles recently and haven't gotten a good alignment yet as I might make some changes. The main problem with the front suspension is that it rubs the tire on the upper wheel well on certain bumps and in my mind I'm thinking higher rate stock height springs and different style or material bump stop might make things safer. If I have to pull the springs I would consider taller ball joints and or other upgrades but I really don't want to go all pro touring or drag oriented just looking for a no hassle street car.


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