Fuel pump


Feb 5, 2020
San Antonio
I’m cutting two fuel tanks to make one. The electricc fuel pump I will use(GM) has three legs with springs. The bottom has three small rubber pads.My question is, does this pump sit on bottom of tank on the rubber pad with the springs in tension or dones it hang not touching the bottom of tank? Help please


Oct 29, 2019
Bay City MI
Sounds like your using a module design from a 98 or newer vehicle. The rubber feet are for vibration and noise. The module should be installed in the middle of the spring stroke. There should be downward force on the bucket assembly holding it to the floor of the tank. The range of motion of the springs is for fuel tank expansion and contraction during heat and pressure cycles.

Or buy a GN/Tanks Inc./or other vendor specific G body EFI tank and pump assembly and call it good.


Goat Herder
Supporting Member
Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Alot of work to have a 'one off' setup. I'd recommend against it just for part replacement and availability.

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