G body dashes

Ace Burt

Jul 23, 2017
After being on a waiting list for almost a year and no end in sight waiting a for a reproduction dash I went searching for another way. My El Camino build is a full on pro touring car so I needed something really nice for it. I wasn't going to put a nasty or so so looking dash in a car i already have over 60k in and its not done or painted yet. I finally with the help of of one of the forum sponsors (Dixie restorations) was able to run down someone that does these and a lot of other gbody stuff as well. He pulls these from junkyards (they are original), strips them, refoams and shapes them and then wrap's them in whatever you want. My interior is black and red so he did black with red stitching. You can send him your dash as well but with the shipping costs there is literally almost no difference in cost (in my case anyway). If you want to know wat it cost me or his contact info please message me. I don't want to post what it costs because you might want something different and he sets the price, not me. Take a look. He does very high quality work and uses very good materials. He will do them in any color combination and dash orientation you want.


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Royal Smart Person
Jun 6, 2014
Houston, TX.
What was the turn around time ?
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