CUTLASS gas tank

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May 17, 2017
pine city/rosaila washington
anybody know where i can get a gas tank for my 1980 olds cutlass calais mine has been sitting for a few years with God knows what in it, it had some gas ini it a few years ago but it has been sitting while i concentrated on other problems but now i can get around to pulling the tank. radiator shops don't fix tanks anymore, at least around here. i tried a few online places and they don't have an exact fit for 1980 above that year and below that year but not 1980.
Oct 14, 2008
I would think a 78 and 79 Cutlass would be the same, other than changes like lights and grill, they are the same car.
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Jan 7, 2006
Canton Mi
Pull your tank down and remove the pickup (gauge) and have a look and then decide. Recently dropped one that had sat for 20 years and it was perfect inside.
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Nov 12, 2017
Orange County, CA
Yeah. First place I look is RockAuto for mechanical parts. Trim parts are a little tougher to find, especially for relatively rare variants, but are out there if you're patient.
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