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Jan 2, 2006
Linky no good for me.

I did eventually get there after a search though. Except they forgot the A-body was still the platform until the 82 model year.

Oh, forgot to add their research team sucks donkey balls. This list, supposedly of the "rarest" G-bodies on their list, is UNTRUE. Doesn't even include the 85 442 which there was actually 3,000.

  • 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 quantity: 3,500 (should be 4,273, which is even less rare than the non-mentioned 4,208 87 442.)
  • 1983 Hurst Olds Cutlass quantity: 3,500 (should be a 1984 model. In 83, they only made 3,001)
  • 1982 Hurst Olds Cutlass quantity: 3,001 (should be 0 production models. No 82 Hurst/Olds. Prototypes, but no production. I think they meant 83, which is 3,001).
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Jul 26, 2013
They must've finally looked at this site. They pretty much hit all the basic points this time.


Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
I posted about that article some time back bringing up the fact that they did not fact checking on details the had in it. Forgetting models, getting years wrong on a few, forgetting to add why our cars be came G's & the year GM did that.

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