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Jan 2, 2006
NOS parts should be in GM packaging, period.
Not always true. Years of parts buying/selling/trading I can say while mostly true, not always. I've got NOS fenders not in a box (I have some in a box as well- weird) and various parts come in various ways. Also, you can sometimes find part manufacturer or assembly line parts in bulk. I've got a Cat converter in a box, but NOS tailpipes/muffs/hangers not in a box. Sometimes they come with a tag, sometimes with a sticker, and sometimes they don't have anything. Maybe a part number stamped in it somewhere. I've bought V-belts that were wadded up and held together with box tape with a manila tag hanging on them with a string with just the p/n written in ink from GM warehouses to my dealership before. Crazy.

Specifically speaking of the belt reveal molding strips, the sorry-ass paper-side/clear plastic-side wrappers that GM used for years (they started using what I call all-clear "seal a meal bags" later on which were better) would age and come apart. They had a very flimsy film of adhesive that dries up over time and the bag breaks down horribly and disintegrates over time unless you have perfect atmospheric conditions. Good for the environment I guess, but not good keeping NOS parts in their bag. But they weren't supposed to. They designed the wrappers to somewhat protect the parts during shipment but also easy to open. GMPSO specifically designs everything with their own service technicians in mind for dealership shop use. NOT for time-capsuling new parts for 35 years.

Sorry for the wall of words here, but I'll finish up this info-mercial with this: When GM parts started drying up, I used to think GM repro parts were all junk. And because the standards weren't rigid at the time, that was fairly true. But like anything else, some get better over time and as economies of scale come into play, some parts can be re-popped for less and more quality can be put in. I certainly am amazed at the quality of the repopped Cutlass console lid cover. Feels the same as NOS and side by side comparison looks almost dead-nuts to the original. A little bit ulglier underneath but the metal plate covers that up.

Not saying every part is great, but some repros actually can be just as good or better in some ways. Such as reinforcing weak areas in a GM part, or better plating/painting or whatever. Doesn't happen often, but it has. That other thread about GN's getting a lot of hype of the G-bodies is a good thing. They share doors with the Cutlass. Do you think they'd have repopped entire Cutlass doors if they didn't interchange with the GN? Maybe, maybe not. Thank goodness for interchange parts.


Master Mechanic
Jan 2, 2006
BTW, here's the comparison pics of said console lids. Repros are very close. Not sure about how they hold up over time, UV protection if any, etc. Oh, btw, the NOS claret lid did not come in a box.... ;)

Apr 24, 2007
I've only bought from GBP twice (over 10 years ago) and didn't have any issues, but...
With all of the horror stories I've heard over the years, I would never take a chance wasting my time or money with them.

But what you said that caught my eye the most...
"They are wanting me to give them permission to bill my credit card without telling my what my total is."

Run, run, run, run, run!!!!! Don't give them a penny!!!
Even if every other vendor is more expensive, it's worth it to avoid the hassle. Period.
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