Glove Box Stuck Shut


Jan 13, 2018
I have the problem on my '79 El Camino and on my '78 Monte Carlo. Since I had to rebuild my AC system on the Monte and get to the control cable behind the glove box, it was the first one that I worked on.
It was a trick to pick and get it open to begin with and then trying to figure out the problem with the latch function was baffling. I have a new lock but still couldn't get it disassembled. I finally discovered that all it really needed was a shot of white lithium grease! It's back on and working great! Ready to pick open the one on the El Camino and give it a shot of lube...

John Canon

Apr 19, 2022
Vancouver Canada
It's always the little weird things that fail because we take them for granted. I use my White Lithium Grease Spray for hood hinges, hood latches, and trunk latches. Now maybe I will try it on seat tracks and glove box latches. I like how it sinks right in before it sets up. Then later you can give it a quick wipe with a rag.

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