Grand National Rear End 8.5, A Body Rear End 8.2, BOTH FOR SALE

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Jun 4, 2024
I'm on the GN board (turbobuick) with the same name, long time member there, no fishy stuff here. Parts are in IL at shops, safe 3rd party locations.

I'm selling 2 rear ends, both cars got new engines a couple years ago and now I needed to finally swap out the stock rears that were untouched.

Grand National 1987, 8.5 rear end, posi, 3.42 gears, 28 spline, chrome cover, no axle issues or leaks, newish drums and brakes, comes with Helwig 3 way rear sway and factory boxed lower and upper control arms. Great G Body swap.

3.5" Aluminum driveshaft by Inland Empire available. GN stock length $300

Pontiac GTO 1969, Nodular 8.2 rear end, posi, 3.55 gears, 28 spline, no axle issue but one has minor leak, Aerospace rear disc 4 piston calupers, comes with QA1 rear shocks.

3" Steel Driveshaft only 1300 miles $300

I'll send you my email once we talk here.

Pics 1-5 GN 8.5 rear end
Pics 6-10 GTO 8.2


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I'm on the GN board (turbobuick) with the same name, long time member there, no fishy stuff here. Parts are in IL at shops, safe 3rd party locations.
No fishy stuff here but this sounds to me as a SCAM . :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: by some miracle you are real my apologies in advance but i doubt it I'm calling bullsh!t.
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I literally say...

This is my name on

Easy to find out, go search, I'm a long time member there, same post on Just a minute to look that up and you'll see, all good.

Also this is probably sold, guy doing a Cutlass rear swap coming Saturday.
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GN 8.5" rear sold, Shawn with the Cutlass got it and all the extras Friday. He found me on the GN forum.
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