Headers or coated cast on my L96 in 87 el

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Dec 22, 2021
Trying to decide on coated headers or coated cast exhaust manifolds? I know the headers would give me a little more power,but also be louder(l am old)! Mufflers being somewhat mellow either way! Do the cast clear everything usually? Thanks. Rod


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Aug 2, 2018
New Orleans, LA
I got a pair of hooker super comp long tube headers for my k10 truck, ceramic coated for $750... They rusted in a few months.

On my monte carlo build I went with new cast iron manifolds and used por15's exhaust manifold paint. I have an oven for powder coating and they came out very nice looking. Haven fired the engine up yet, but I'm pretty sure they will look better than the ceramic coated headers... and fit better, and not leak...

if you're running fuel injection you may appreciate the later manifold design with the oxygen sensor port cast into the body.... dont have to weld in a o2 bung into exhaust pipe and also less wiring distance.
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