HEI Distributor Install


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Apr 28, 2016
After the power connector tang... you mean the location of the 3wires that come out of the case from the ICM?

If the case was turned that much to face the #1 cylinder, the vacuum advance can would be sitting close to the intake manifold runner, the distributor in my malibu when i first got it was like that, and i hated it.

The way he shows in the video is ideal, so the distributor cap power/tach/icm connector and vacuum can is parralel to the back of the carburator, i've done it that way so you have plenty of room in either direction to advance or retard the ignition and not worry about clearence issues with the vac adv can, but my new progression ignition unit doesnt use a vacuuum can as you can see, but either way, it makes for a much cleaner look after the wires are put on afterwards.

EDIT - before(disliked) and after(cleaner)


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