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My Camino

May 11, 2018
Hi there. This is my 83 Camino. I bought it last summer, it’s rust free bondo free, last painted in 88 at a college in Montana. I bought this to be my daily driver. I drove it last summer with the original 305 and knew it needed an upgrade

I completely re dyed all of the interior parts that I was re using. Changed the dash and wood grain inserts to black. Changed carpet colour to black. Put the dash cap on that game with the car. Installed leather power buckets from a 2003 Cadillac CRS that I paid $70 for the pair!!! From Uncle Bucks wrecking yard. Dakota digital gauges. A rebuilt lsx 5.3 with LS6 intake. Overdrive transmission. New body and suspension bushings and new coil springs front and back. New door and window seal and door strikers and latches.

Just about ready to fire it up.

When I bought the car the left hand signal lights didn’t work. So I have been trying to fix that. But no success yet. So I am looking for help.

The light blue wire for the the market light on the fender does not provide ground to the light like the other blue wire does on the right side fender light. And it is very dim when the running lights are on. When I signal to the left it stays dim. But when I check the light plug, I have power on both sides of the plug. The same wire on the right side. Alternates between ground and power when it is signalling

I have checked all of the factory soldered crimped connections in the harness by the lights. I cleaned the ground connection. I replaced the ends for the bulbs. All three. I have pulled the plastic cover off and inspected all of the light wires back to the fire wall. I rebuilt the steering column and replaced all three switches in the column as part of the rebuild. I have also disconnected the back light plug under the car for the tail lights to eliminate them. Both flashers have been replaced.

I am searching under the dash now. Does any one have any suggestions ?


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May 22, 2011
Central NY
I lost my.tailights on the left side. My turn signal switch failed... Gotta pull the column apart to replace the switch. Turn signals work fine, but the running lights don't but run thru the signal switch
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