Here ya go boys and girls.



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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
" The seller has not added any miles in 17 years of ownership."

Should read: "The seller has wasted this car for 17 years of ownership"

I get keeping 1 or 2 dead stock low miles for posterity, but what fun is it to own something you can never enjoy as intended? And do we really need 100 low mile examples?


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Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Meh. Always meh. The satisfaction of this kind of purchase must be quite fleeting.


May 6, 2015
I only want a car I can enjoy driving, not the car for me. I have nothing against it though. I understand others want one for competitions in shows and only drive to a show. Others just want a shelf queen that never sees the outside of a garage. Each has their place.


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Jan 2, 2006
I can see this kind of car being kept in a time capsule. If you have loads of cash with nothing to do and you want to spend it.

However, if you bought it to keep for a while, and wanted to make money off it, right now it's at 106K on the bid. Let's just say for the sake of saying (and to give this guy a max return) he paid $70K for the right to own this gem.

If you invested the 70K in 2002 at a PALTRY 3% average return interest rate per year (extremely easy to do, but you could do better very easily as well), it would net you around 115K today. About 9K more than the auction is going for at the moment.

Will it get to 115K? Maybe. Who knows?

But 17 years later and he may possibly be flirting with a wash, or even a loss. Even selling it for whatever it goes for. I'm betting he paid closer to 90K for it, and might get his money back. After all, the inflation rate for 70K in 2002 puts it right close to 98K in today's dollars. 90K would be closer to 126K just based on inflation.

So you can see, unless he bought it at a bargain, his investment isn't seeming to be paying off. Would he have lost his *ss on a regular Regal? Oh, for sure. But he's still not winning in my book. Great garage piece, no question, and if you're that kind of guy, more power to you. But never ever never ever ever never buy a car solely as "an investment" and expect to get a truckload of money for it when you sell. It may, but it's a lighting strike if you do.
84 W40

84 W40

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Dec 9, 2009
A car like that needs to be driven and not garage art what a sin. For an original 8 mile car why does it have a aftermarket oil filter?

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