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Sep 18, 2006
Fair Grove, MO
Well my 80 wagon has the W engine code so I am assuming I have the old 301 motor. I have the auto transmission, and I was wondering what will this transmission handle? What transmission is probably in this car, and what rear end? I guess if I stay Pontiac the transmission, and motor mounts will work on a 350 Pontiac, but what if I change to a Chevy 350, will the transmission still bolt up, and what motor mount changes will have to be made? I am going for a strictly street legal toy, so I do not need any bells and whistles......just hp!! Any ideas anyone has would be appreciated.



Master Mechanic
Apr 24, 2006
Indy, IN
Trans won't work unless it has the dual bolt pattern for Chevy and BOP. Unlikely for the year. What trans do u have? A 200cwon't handle much more than stock and the TH350 will handle a mildly built 350. As far as the Pontiac Engines, I don't know. But a Chevy swap will require different mounts and trans.


G-Body Guru
Oct 25, 2006
Bonney Lake, WA
Most likely you have a Metric 200C. The easiest way to tell is by the Trans pan. It should look similar to a TH-350. It will be almost square with one corner notched out. The 200C will be the same except it will say "METRIC" across the pan. 200/200C also have 11 pan bolts, where as 350's have 13, thats the only two ways to tell them appart by looking at case. I made the mistake of not knowing the difference when I bought my Elco back in the day. If its a 200 its garbage, if its a 350 then you have something to work with, but I'd still rebuild/build it up. Swaping over to SBC will take a lot of work, and fab.
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