How-to GM 10 bolt ring and pinion R&R basics instructional video.


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Jan 2, 2006
Ever wanted to change out rear gears but weren't sure on figuring out backlash and all the shimming needed for preloads, etc.??? With a bit of mechanical knowledge, a few basic tools and maybe a couple of not-so-basic tools, maybe you can learn something by watching this video on how to install rear gears in a typical 10 bolt GM rear end. I know I did learn a couple of tips/tricks. If you're already a rear gear replacement guru, this video is not "geared" toward you. The video does NOT tell you how to rebuild your carrier. Just how to R&R one. It was done in a teaching shop, so there are some assumptions/cut corners (like no torquing stuff, no axles to remove and it's on a swivel stand to make it easier to work on. Definitely easier than in the car.

Anyway, grab some popcorn and a couple of your favorite cold beverages, sit back and watch. Maybe you'll learn something. Some things may seem mundane, but recall, this is for novices. Good explanations of why he's doing certain steps as well. It was filmed live end to end with no editing, so a couple mistakes were made, but corrected.

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Jul 19, 2009
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Nice video. I get the part about needing popcorn and a couple beers. Cutaway is a Gov-bomb. NV3500.
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oldsmobile joe

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Nov 12, 2015
great video. just in time, i'm swapping in a set of 3.08 gears and posi in place of a 2.14 open. i was wondering about pinion depth, this will help me. i have an extra bearing that i will open up so i can slip fit on for measuring and setting pinion depth.
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