Ignition Switch Problems 85 MC SS



May 28, 2020
I know this has probably been discussed on here a thousand times, but can anyone point me to a thread that shows me how to put ignition switch back on the column. I dropped the steering column months ago to swap out ignition switches now I can't remember how to re-install rod and switch on the column.


G-Body Guru
Dec 29, 2019
Tukwila, Wa.
Hello, FLEEMONEY, from Seattle, Wa.

Search for a thread titled "it's me again" in the "electrical, ignition, and starting" category, he had problems with his ignition switch. Through the advice given by members here, he was able to take his column out, change the switch, and replace everything. I think his username is " bri guy ", or something similar.


Jul 21, 2020
It took me three days to replace the ignition switch on my '82 Malibu! I have big hands and am NOT a contortionist. One tip is to leave the dimmer switch hanging loose. After the the screws are tightened, for the ignition switch, swing the dimmer, into place, adjust and tighten. Oh, I read one manual, after the fact, that advised taping the dimmer control rod, to the steering column. That would have saved me a lot of grief. I couldn't get the dang rod back in place. I drilled inspection holes, now covered with tape and my column lock. Oh when I drilled, I tucked in a little pry bar to protect the wiring and other innards.
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