Inactive Accounts Purged after 90 days



Site Admin
Feb 25, 2005
Inola, OK
Periodically I feel the need to clean up the database a bit.

As such, at random intervals (meaning whenever I remember to do so) I will delete any user accounts that have not been activated and are more than 90 days. So... If you sign up, remember to activate your account.

If you've signed up, and haven't activated your account (and still want to), check your e-mail (and your junk folders, it happens), or have the board re-send your activation e-mail. If all else fails, e-mail me directly to activate it or find your username or whatever. (with what information you do know. I can't help if all I get is "My account don't work" and the e-mails don't match up to anything.)

I figure if you haven't activated it in 90 days you aren't going to! :) And it frees up usernames for those who want to use them.

Note this does not apply to active accounts that haven't been used for 90 days. I'd love to have you guys back! ;)

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