CUTLASS Interesting. 1984 Supreme RPO WJ3 NOS SE Dash Emblem

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Jan 2, 2006
1984 model year only. GM p/n 22524425.

I was rummaging around through the closet looking for another part, and ran across a little box with nothing written on it. I opened it up and found a used dash plate with a Special Edition emblem on it, and an NOS SE emblem for a dash plate. Don't have the GM package for it, but it's new. Looks like there were 3 holes in the dash plate, and the "pins" on the back of the emblem were melted over with a hot tool or something to lock the emblem in place on the dash plate. If I were going to use this on anything, I'd probably shave the pins off and mount it with double sticky tape like the Hurst/Olds dash emblems.

I almost forgot about these. Apparently, they were a 1984 factory Edition on the SUPREME only, under the RPO WJ3. There were 3 emblems. One on the dash, and one on each sail panel. The sail panel emblem part number was 22524428. Any engine combination, but there was a constraint on V8s in early 84 production G-bodies except H/O, so maybe more V6s than V8s. I've only seen ONE of these cars out in the wild, and that was in the late 80s. A gray one.

Never done much research on them, but it turns out there wasn't too much to it. It did package some stuff together that if you bought as separate options, would cost you probably twice as much. The big things that came with the car was two paint options- Autumn Red Firemist (dark maple interior) or Med. Sand Gray Firemist (sand gray interior). Interiors got the Regency velour trim. It had sport mirrors, wire hubcaps (Or chrome 14x6 wheels, which either were Autumn Red inlays on the Autumn Red cars, otherwise black inlays on the gray cars), body side moldings, special pinstriping that looped around the nose of the car above the grilles a la H/O upper stripe as well as pinstriping that followed just above the curve of the wheel wells. Had some other junk in there as well. The kicker was NO BUCKET SEATS OR CONSOLE. Not a bad thing, but no choice in the matter.

Anyway, if you've never seen these emblems, here you go. Have no idea how many of these cars were built. Other pics are from elsewhere, but to give you an idea of what they look like. Unique? Yep. Valuable. Maybe to 10 (or less) people on the planet.

84 Olds Special Edition Dash Emblem 1.JPG
84 Olds Special Edition Dash Emblem 2.JPG

As you would see one mounted...

84 Olds Special Edition Dash Emblem 4.jpg

New sail panel emblem set. Someone on rare nos parts has these for sale for $150.

84 Olds Special Edition Sail Panel Emblem 1.jpg
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Dec 29, 2016
Wow, that's something you don't see or hear about very often....I've had one stuck on one of my tool boxes for 20+ yrs. An old friend from Olds parts dept. gave it to me when they were excessing (as in tossing in the dumpster) loads of old discontinued parts to make room on the shelves back in the day.

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Mar 6, 2013
Northeastern PA
I've often wondered what the story was with those ever since my brother found this in a car at a u pull it some years ago.
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