Is the 88 lg4 305 a roller cam motor or flat tappet cam??


King capo

Oct 21, 2019
Id like to kno if the motor in my kids 88LS monte.carlo is a roller cam motor or a flat tappet cam its stock 305 lg4. Thanks in advanced for the help....


Royal Smart Person
Feb 18, 2014
In 30 years many cars have been sliced, diced, taped together and repeated several times.

If you wanna know for sure pull a valve cover, slap on a new $3 gasket, and shine a good flashlight down to see what you're dealing with. Lack of extra hardware in there when you open it up would be a good indicator too.

Even if it's a non original motor, numbers running to an early 305 that should be FT, I've seen people waste stupid money because "it's what I had so I'm building it"... so converting even an early model ragged out old base 305 to roller isn't unheard of either, dumb as it is resource-wise.
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