Just got my '84 Monte

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Sep 5, 2022

Always wanted a blue Monte SS, and now I have one. Stock 305, 350 trans, bench seat, column shift.
She's a cruiser, not a runner.
Much work to be done, replacing most of the interior.....maybe future LS/4L80E swap?
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Nice car, congrats pn the purchase.

Be a real shame to hack it up and ruin it with ls junk though
Be a real shame to hack it up and ruin it with ls junk though
Much work to be done, replacing most of the interior.....maybe future LS/4L80E swap?
You're new here so you're going to see some of these guys that are salty over LS Engines, they get constantly drug by them on the street and the wiring & tuning is out of their skillset, so they hate them.. :)

6.0l with some work and a 4L80E would be a solid cruiser setup. If you want to spend the money on a convertor, they come alive. 🤘
Actually, if you're around here a whole what you see ifna couple guys who don't understand how to keep a classic car running, or, where the value is.

Then they get salty and post all over the boards because their ls-junk is slower than the non-ls cars and their junk gets ignored as boring and hacked up at the car shows.

If you look around a while you'll see lots of abandoned projects people started and gave up because it cost more and delivered than advertised.... which is a shame.

Sales prices on equivalent numbers matching cars beat ls-jink every day of the week.
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Ohhhh you're one of them guys.. oh boy.

Hmm..let's assess:

1. Keep your stock 305 175hp 4spd auto car parked as a garage queen so it "has value".. the whole having a gf and not banging her so the next guy has a good ride concept.

2. Mod and drive one to what you want and those who can't just stay concerned with trash talking what others put their money & work into because it's outside of their scope of comprehension.

I think #2 sounds much more fun. Besides, somethings only worth what someone will pay for it, this isn't Barrett Jackson.

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Eric4953 this is my setup here..

Cammed 6.0l with a few mods, Built T56 6spd Manual, QP Custom 9" with 3.89 Gears. It has a little pep to it.. 🤘

All kinds of parts out there now to build anything, just a matter of how much you want to spend.. :)
Congrats, she is mighty sharp and do what you want to your car. I personally bought mine specifically to LS swap but once I got her and realized how nice she sounded decided to leave it be for the time being
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