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Feb 20, 2018
Supposed to have been captions attached to these pictures so..

Pics One and Two are of the 305 newly returned to its engine bay.

Pic Three is one of my favorite plumbers helpers, the engine crane, aka, cherrypicker. This one has had an adapter added that allows for adjustment of the angle of insertion, meaning you don't have to manually move or reset the crane chains to alter the engine angle; just throw a gear wrench on the screw and crank on it until you get an angle that works.

Pic Four is sideways to what it should be but what you are seeing is a pair of the trade calls "painters coveralls" About 10 bucks or so a pair and disposable. I call 'em "bunnysuits" cause their default color is white and all you need for a Hallowe'en costume is ears and a tail. This one has some use on it. Cheaper than cloth ones and no need to shell for getting them cleaned. Got six pair of the cloth ones sitting in a laundry bag that have yet to get to the laundry.; they may never...

Pic Five is my solution to the engine dolly problem. Essentially, all it is, is a small furniture dolly made from wood with casters attached, to which I screwed two side walls made of 2" x 8" and a couple of pieces for the ends. Spacing on the side walls matches the width of an SBC oil pan with a few extra 16ths added to let the pan slide in and out easily. The shop towels are for padding to protect an engine that has been freshly painted. Low centre of gravity lets it roll around fairly easily.

Pics Six and Seven are of the cabin transmission tunnel and show the cutaway for the 4 speed and the rear bracket for the console. As has been recounted elsewhere, apparently the only difference between auto and manual in terms of consoles is the removal of the bread basket storage bin at the front of the console and doing the install using the rearmost set of holes in the rear tunnel mounting bracket. Gonna have to do a test fit on this theory as reality is tying to jam things up. Murphy, anyone?

Pic Eight, well it isn't supposed to be a thumbnail so the detail sucks. Needed a small side bench to set parts and tools on. Found a pair of cheap metal sawhorses that fold up into themselves. Just added a chunk of particle board for a top and instant bench. Right now the starter is sitting on it, waiting for me to decide if I want to hang it before I try to install the headers or do them first and wrestle it in afterwards. if I leave the passenger header loose on its bolts it can be swung aside enough to finesse the starter into place, leaving me with having to bench press it into position and run the bolts in. For anyone wondering about the usefulness of that bunnysuit, it will be what I will be wearing to stuff in that starter as I will lying under the vehicle and even with repeatedly sweeping and vacuuming, shop floors are still dusty and dirty. Have to remember to get a few more for the inventory.
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