Manifold vacuum sources


Feb 9, 2021
Hey everyone, so im trying to figure out how to create more pathways to get manifold vacuum source. Here is the set up and what i need:

Engine is a 350 SBC, moderately modded, equipped with an edelbrock 650 CFM AVS2 carb. The regal has a th350 trans. The bottom right side ( manifold vacuum ) is connected to the HEI vacuum advance. It runs horrible on ported vacuum so i have that port capped on the carb. The brake booster is connected to the intake manifold itself. PCV is connected via catch can as it should be in the middle front. Back of carburetor is capped ( brake booster ) since its already connected as stated.

The issue:
1. Where can i connect or "tee into" my vacuum line for the transmission? Manifold vacuum of course.

2. I also need a manifold vacuum source to control the HVAC vacuum ball. I currently have no HVAC controls working other than vent, heat going to the floor. Currently trying to fix my HVAC system also which will be for another post and after i get this straight. Thanks in advance guys! If anybody would like to see pictures of how it looks or set up, let me know.


Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
Put the booster hose back where it belongs at the rear base of the carb. That way it "sees" total manifold vacuum rather than a single runner. Then use the manifold port for all your manifold vacuum needs. A simple multi-port vacuum fitting can feed many things. The Pontiac 301 used a very handy multi-port vacuum tree located in the carb adapter base.
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