Manual to power windows


Oct 29, 2010
Has anyone went from manual windows to power windows? Does anyone have any tips and pictures would be a big plus

57 Handyman

Feb 6, 2017
The best and easiest way is to find power window parts (regulators and harnesses) from a same generation donor vehicle. You will need the main harness which is under upper portion of the dash as well as the harness in each door. When you remove all of the parts from the donor vehicle, I strongly suggest taking a LOT of pictures, especially for the harness connections! When I made this conversion, before installation into my 87 El Camino, I cleaned, re-taped, and performed continuity tests of the harness. In addition, I purchased new motors and switches to eliminate the potential of problems with these components. Lastly, if your classic does NOT have power door locks, I recommend you also make this upgrade at the same time.


Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
Don't forget to get a Fisher Body manual for your year too, it'll shows almost everything you'll need to know for how the factory set up is done.


Goat Herder
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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
I'm in process of doing this as well.

5spdcab sent me a bunch of photos in a PM. Made it relatively self explanatory. I'm taking them out of an 80 Cutty and putting them in to an 86 Regal. Should be easy, but I haven't finished it off yet though (waiting for the doors to get 'jambed'.

I'll see if I can attach his pics and description, it would be great if he hops on here and answers.


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Dec 29, 2019
Tukwila, Wa.
Wow, I just happened to be looking for a different thread and saw this.
Yes, you can go manual to power. It's not very hard, although the interior of the door is a tight fit if you have large hands.
I will share the same pics that I shared with 64nailhead.

I have forgotten which holes are the ones that the manual regulator bolts to, I think it was probably the ones circled in red, and the electric regulator would bolt to the holes circled in green.
The hole circled in orange was where I attached an insulated clamp to hold the homemade wiring harness that I created for mine, and the blue is where I mounted a junction block to connect my harness to the motor.
I agree with 57handyman also, If you are going to pull the door panel to add power windows, you should consider power door locks while you are at it. For the locks, get the connecting linkages from a donor vehicle.
I had purchased a new window conversion kit (New Relics brand), and also new lock actuators, but used donors from the wrecking yard instead. That worked out good for me because my second G-body vehicle had a left window motor fail about 6-7 months after the conversion on my first G-body, so I just installed the new window motor into it.

When installing the new regulators and door lock actuators, a piece of duct tape helps to hold the short bolts while lining up the bolt holes. I used 1/4in x 20 bolts 1/2in long and nylock nuts.
Hope this helps you out.

Roy, aka "5spdCab"
'78 Caballero, and '79 El Camino
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