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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
I ended up with a 1993 LT1 T56 that from the looks of it can only be used for LT1 or SBC unless I do a bunch of stuff to convert it to LS setup, I'm kind of on the other end of that pain.

Or sell it to me for the dirt cheap price you scooped it up for. :D


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Jan 25, 2017
Good point on the bell housing, exactly why I haven't considered one and eliminates trucks for my Olds swap plans. I wasn't suggesting the Dodge version anyways, only marginally better. A lot of the online stuff basically lumps the HM290 the same as the NV3500. I assume they are a totally different trans or is it an earlier version as the web says?
Similar designs, but the NV is the more refined stouter variant that struck around. There is honestly not much info on the HM other than a few pages that lay out the differences between them. I liked my NV, but it was a lot of work getting one in my El Camino.
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Jun 15, 2012
Or sell it to me for the dirt cheap price you scooped it up for. :D
Lol I have a few wanting it. If I find the front half of a Corvette T56 I can turn it into an LS spec. I'll sit on it for a bit, and if I can't seem to find what I'm looking for I'll put it back together with the parts here.

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