REGAL Materials list for repairing/priming/painting header panel?


Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
My spare header has some cracks and pock marks, assuming from rocks, but isn't outright missing portions like my current one. i want to make this car a good 10 footer, so what are the materials i'll need, down to grits of sandpaper, to fully refurb the header? Is there a special filler i need for it? I know its not fiberglass, it's that pressed matt stuff right? Complete novice in bodywork.


G-Body Guru
Sep 4, 2020
Fiberglass resin and hardener and some Fiberglass strands. Drill some small holes at the end of the cracks so they don't keep cracking, if there like a surface crack/scratch you can hit it with a dremel so it has a valley and fill with resin. You'll most likely just use the resin though

Doug Chahoy

Comic Book Super Hero
Nov 21, 2016
I agree with resin and mat for major repairs. Small ones are good for DuraGlass and regular body filler . Sanding you’ll need from 36 grit all the way up to 600 just before paint . A quart of good 2 K primer . If you paint with polyurethane you’ll need sandpaper Wet or Dry from 1,000 grit to 3,000. Your autobody supply store SHOULD be knowledgeable to sell you everything you’ll need

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