Motor mounts that allow truck intake to clear hood in 87 elcamino


Nov 18, 2009
Saskatchewan, Truckistan

Worked well in my MCSS with the TBSS intake.
Holley is they way to go if you don't want all the fabrication hassle.
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Sloppy McRodbender
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Oct 24, 2017
Red Deer, Northern Montana territory
Ugly is a matter of opinion. People including me use the truck intake because it flows better than the LS3 intake. It’s been proven on the dyno that the truck intake performs better. If you shave The truck intake it looks really good. In fact I like it’s appearance better than the low profile car Intakes and you don’t have to spend $800 for LS3 parts and the FEAD. That $800 can be better spent on other performance upgrades. LS3 Camaro and Corvette parts come at a premium while you can buy truck FEAD parts at your local pick and pull for next to nothing

Not mine but just an example.

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Absolutely agree, for a street car the truck intakes are absolutely king for broad torque and streetable power everywhere.

Holley mounts work with about 3/4 inch to spare with an aftermarket cable throttle body.
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