EL CAMINO MY 1980 El Camino Project


Nov 17, 2022
From what I know the car was donated to a ranch in Wisconsin that teaches kids auto trades. They did some questionable body repairs to it which are all getting fixed next month. Don't know much history about it but I'm guessing it was built in the 80's as bracket/street machine judging by some of the parts numbers I've run. It's got an old-school big-cam 327, only know it's 327 because someone stuck a 327 badge to the dash. I've had the car for 5 yrs and only driven it 2 miles due to a bad clutch and a couple of other issues I've discovered. Hoping to get her back on the street this summer. One thing I'd like to do is change the front back to an 80, does anyone know if anyone makes a replacement 80 header panel?


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Comic Book Super Hero
Oct 2, 2016
Welcome, looks like a pretty good start. I drive an 82 El C. I don't think finding a header panel will be an issue


Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
The '80 & '81 both use the same header, just will need to find the '80 grill/bezels/parking lights. But as noted it shouldn't be too hard to find everything needed. Nice to see another A/G with a stick.
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Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Welcome agree with the others its a nice start and glad to see a stick

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