My G-body wagons


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Feb 7, 2019
Or a 4' door or more'.

I'd love to find the 80 Cutlass Cruiser the OP had.
I had a 1980 brown one with a 231 V6 way back when. I wish I had all the wagons I had, now! Could make some serious coin! I think they are all great looking wagon's; I am partial to the Buick Century nose and 78-81 Malibu nose.
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Mar 27, 2022
I've only had 3 gbody wagons. One Buick Regal and 2 Chevrolet Malibus.


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Jul 19, 2009
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I've had 3 in my lifetime. First one was the family wagon, that became mine as a bribe to keep me off another motorcycle after I got rear-ended by a drunk driver. #2 was its replacement, a 1983, with the header panel swapped from #1 after another drunk driver nearly took me out. #3 is safe from drunk drivers, since I drove it home in 2013 and took it apart...

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Nov 24, 2016
Northcoast, Cleveland, Ohio
I got my one and only and it's going to stay that way. I'm considering sending it down the road in favor of a larger B-Body cousin. But people want the equivalent of selling my firstborn to get one of those in decent shape. So, I'll likely stay with this.
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