My Mom Would Be Shocked- GM sold Pet "Roosters" for Radiator Drains!


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Jan 2, 2006
The discussion the other day about radiator petcocks got me thinking about whether the threads on the fitting had factory sealer on it or not (it doesn't) so I went to look.

To my dismay, I never noted this before but for those people that clutch their pearls at the slightest "dirty" slang or curse word, this GM part isn't for you.

Enough talk. Pictures say 1000 words with using just one. Can't make this sh*t up. As they say, you'll sh*t bricks when you see it.

GM Pet Rooster 9437207.JPG
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Aug 8, 2011
Doesn't surprise me, they are saving costs by not using 3 letters and you still know what is.
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