My nearly new, 0 owner 2017 Dodge Challenger GT

Oct 14, 2008
In Go Green
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Just kidding nice ride good luck with it!!!
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Less than 1000 km when purchased. When GM makes something that actually looks good, I will consider whatever it is. So Slowpar it is, supposed to run 14.8 in the 1/4 mile.
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Greetings Olds & all; WOW that's even greener that my lawn! One fine GT car ya got. Please don't make a racer out of it, well, OK go ahead. Just watch out for old (2005) & new (SS Chevy's) GM Australian cars as they tend to be a bit lighter, hence a bit quicker? I do this (pictures) to all the MOPAR guys I meet so please don't take it personal. Enjoy, Ole' Bob


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