Need advice on selling 1979 ProTouring Hurst Olds in West Orange, NJ

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Charles Washington

Feb 13, 2019
West Orange, New Jersey
Hello everyone

It's been a while since I have been on this site, and I see it is STILL one of the best!

I need some real expert advice...I am looking to sell my 1979 ProTouring Hurst Olds. I put a LOT of time and money into it and am looking to find the right forum to get the most out of the sale. It is not a daily driver, and I am sure it will take time to find the right buyer; I'm willing to make a deal however I do intend to give it away. I'm not sure if I should start here, Hemmings, or invest in a Mecum's or Barret-Jackson experience (it is that nice).

The suspension, body, interior, and paint were done at Schwartz Performance in Illinois. Everything is top quality and fully documented including an appraisal from No Fear Motor Sports Classic Car Appraisals in Mundelein, IL (appraised value of $260,000 for insurance value only in March 2021). The documentation states " in present condition, this vehicle is capable of competing successfully in very high-level expositions, displays, exhibits, or shows".

The 532 ci BBC was built at LRB Performance Machine in Franklin, NJ and the 4L80E overdrive transmission and custom torque converter at Dynamic Converters Pro-Formance Transmissions.

Engine Bay:
Custom built 532 CI
Dart Big M Sportsman block, 4.600" bore
Mahle pistons
Eagle SHB-6385 H-beam connecting rods
Callies Compstar crankshaft
Custom ground Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam and valve train
Morel hydraulic roller lifters
Elgin SSR-900 rocker arms
FAST EZ EFI throttle body fuel injection
FAST E6 CD ignition module
Edelbrock Victor Aluminum intake manifold
AFR 3670 300cc aluminum heads
Milodon Road Race Oil pan and high-volume pump
ATI dampener
Billet double roller timing chain
Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve
PowerMaster Ultra Torque starter
Custom stainless-steel headers and exhaust
March Billet serpentine system
Griffin high-performance radiator and dual electric fans
Billet Steering Shaft
Power Steering Rack

Fuel Delivery:
Tanks EFI fuel tank and sending unit
Walbro internal fuel pump

Drive Train:
4L80E automatic overdrive transmission
TCI EZ-TCU transmission controller
Custom steel drive shaft
Moser 9-inch differential
Full floater
Currie 9-inch third member
True Trac differential with 3.70:1 ratio
Moser 31 spline axles

Chassis and Suspension:
Powdercoat Schwartz Performance G Machine chassis
Schwartz Performance front suspension components
Schwartz Performance tubular control arms
Flaming River power rack and pinion steering
Schwartz Performance splined front sway bar with aluminum arms
Schwartz Performance splined rear sway bar with aluminum arms
Ride Tech single adjustable coil over shocks
Wilwood 13" front (6 piston) and 12" rear (4 piston) disc brakes

Wheels and Tires:
Forgeline CF3C wheels - 19x9 front, 19x12 rear; Race Gold centers and Gloss Black outers
Michelin Pilot Sport Radial tires - 345/30ZR19 rear and 255/35ZR19 front

Tons of other items

The collection of completed pictures can be found at Washington's 1979 ProTouring Hurst Olds

Other build pictures and detailed documentation are available.

Thanks in advance for your help...


Supporting Member
Jan 2, 2006
You'll get points off for the chipped paint on that nose emblem... j/k. I remember when you started this build. It still looks great.

Not sure what kind of "help" you're seeking. If you mean, as if you can pop in and figure someone will want to buy it for 6 figures, I can tell you right now you've got about a 0.00001% chance of that happening here. Never say never, but most people here don't have pockets overflowing with cash (unless they're hiding their pirate booty somewhere). With something that custom, I'd just roll it at an auction and see what happens.

Appraised at 260K? I guess I'm not seeing it. Not saying it didn't take a truckload of $$ to make the car, and that it isn't nice because it is. I would agree that super-sweet Schwartz frame costs a pretty penny, but that's still not pushing it that far up the price point unless nearly everything was farmed out. But some of that other stuff is off-the shelf parts, albeit high quality. When a late A-body or G-body is in this sort of price range, it's stretching it and reducing your buyer pool by a lot. There's a lot of modern turn-key cars out there that would walk this one for half the price. I mean, if I'm going to pay the money, I'd have to WANT THIS VERY CAR to make it worth it. One plus point- it's not just another LS swap.

I'm being practical here and not trying to pee on your parade. The car is very nicely done and certainly very worthy of putting in car shows and such. The quality of parts and craftsmanship seems extremely nice and well thought-out. However it turns out, though, here's wishing you the best and good luck with it. I mean, if it were mine, I'd be keeping it.
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G-Body Guru
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Sep 17, 2017
Just spit balling here, but I'm seeing $100-150,000 in parts plus fabrication and assembly, so one could easily wrap up $200,000 in a build of this quality. Car looks badass, should be an awesome driver, but $200k and no heat or air? I cannot fathom spending that kind of money to either never drive it, or only drive it 3-4 months a year. Best of luck to you.
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Feb 18, 2014
I'd say get it to as close to 100% as you can if any little thing is off on the car. If your tires are date coded 5 years old, or, 2/3 worn on the back, get new ones. Couple hundred dollars here and there to make it something someone needs to do NOTHING at all to, anywhere.

Then take it to the concours d'elegance in pebble Beach, places like that with build details, put a sign out with the matted boards of the build that it probably takes to hit that money.

I honestly can't see a Barrett Jackson crowd having the 2 guys it'd take to bid a 79 H/O up a quarter million bucks. Maybe high 70s 80s or 90k on a good day. I think it's more a super high end show and find that one guy who needs it.

Not sure if you could get exposure at some national level car shows or not, but, it may be the start.


Royal Smart Person
Jul 23, 2018
you can always test the waters at BaT
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Master Mechanic
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May 23, 2022
SW Arizona
Very nice car. I can see it being a magazine piece. Yet, seen this before too many times... a beautiful build, but as others mentioned, you have to find the right buyer to recap your investment. Minus issue with no Heat/AC every thing is over the top nice. Engine clean and uncluttered, interior fabulous, stance is great, etc... Challenge is to find right buyer.
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