Need help bought this 79 sport coupe limited.(engine bad looking to Ls swap any suggestions?

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Aug 11, 2022
Lmk any tips/ suggestions on engine & transmission combos to go with much appreciated


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Buick 350 drops right in if it's a Buick 3.8.
Buick 350 drops right in if it's a Buick 3.8.
Thank you , Yes 3.8 turbo any recommendations on transmission , I’m pretty sure current one is bad aswell car was sitting for 10+yrs, I’m tryna get it running as quick as possible
It probably has a th350. One of those, with the Buick olds Pontiac bolt pattern will fit.
How do you know they're bad?
i don’t just assuming. Bought car from outta town unknown to me car was at a repo yard, was told prior to buying it only needed water pump. When I received car from towers parts of engine looks like is missing. Hood latch is broken, brakes didn’t work had to use e brake, e brake release latch is broken, just tryna save time figure if I’m gonna buy a new engine or swap engines I should get transmission to be safe ?
Wrecking yards will usually have engine/Trans combos for cheap to get it running if that one is bad.
I LS swapped my 78 Malibu. Started a build thread here somewhere. I am not the best with keeping up with social media sites. So I guess they locked the thread. I went with a 6.2/T56 set up. UMI mounts, QP rear end. one of the best things I did was used brackets. They look great and don't cost a bundle. Plus the owner is always ready to help with any questions. I'm doing a full on restoration. My poor old Malibu was rusted up pretty bad. But I found a really good shop (Psychobilly Customs), they're making her look like it just rolled off the show room floor. I'm also doing a dash and steering column swap (from a 2019 Camaro).
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