Neutral Safety Switch Mystery


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Sep 3, 2021
Thanks ELCAM and 69hurstolds....Being an "old school" back yard mechanic I automatically assumed it was a "Neutral Safety Switch" issue, very valuable information which is deeply appreciated as I do not possess the manuals you so kindly posted. I'm probably going to have to go through my linkage junk and find a different column shift rod from the transmission and experiment with adjustments until I get it right.


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Feb 20, 2018
And that picture just above me solves the necessity of having to downstairs and take a pic of the Cutlass steering mast that is sitting down there. When you are doing the initial adjustment, you should actually hear the housing assembly going click-click-click as it sets itself up.

There are actually two pairs of spade male tabs, paired in twos. One is for the neutral switch, the others ought to be for the back up light.


Dec 7, 2018
I went through that when changing from a column shift to a floor shift and 200 4R trans. I adapted the switch I had in my stash, and mounted it on the transmission. Then I could remove that ugly linkage up to the column and lock the ring in the column. It looks good on the bench, so I am sure it will work fine.

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