New 83 long roof


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Aug 14, 2019
I think it is time to measure the components already in the car. I am starting with, the measurement of the width of the rear axle, hub to hub. I intend to install wider tires in the back 10 inches and that will require a tub rebuild. I am looking for an upgraded rear end I see a Ford 9 inch with 3.6 gears online for $500 is a good buy. I assume I will need to shorten the carrier and buy new axels. I think a 4 link will be the best option so I do need some advice in this area. Some help with the brackets on the Ford rear end is needed. My 10-year-old who this car is for wants bags. Should I rebuild the tubs higher not just wider? Or do I need to reconfigure the frame or is there an easier option?. I get it that I need to shave the frame and box it in and do some reinforcement. I think that a pro mod set up for cornering is better. Can this happen with bags and what rear shocks do you all recommend? How big can I go with rear tires safety? Planning for a 500 HP LS with a 4L80 E Trans. Sorry for so many questions but I need your feedback for this really great 83 Malibu wagon and my 10-year-old son Beefsteak.

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