new here 1986 monte carlo project


Dec 6, 2021
hello, new here from Temperance MI, been reading posts here for quite a few years and finally registered...always had a soft spot for these cars and about 5 years ago i bought a project 1986 Monte carlo. The car was a bit of a hack job from previous owners. Originally was a 4.3 v6/automatic/bench seat car and previous owner installed a low hp 1970s truck 350/ WC t5 from late 80s camaro amongst other things. I recently (finally!) started working on the car and my goal is a decent boost in power as the 350 in it was imo kind of lacking, so I picked up a 97 L31 vortec 350 that I dissassembled and put remanned 062 heads on and instaled beehive springs/retainers/lt4 hot cam/new oil pan/gaskets/paint e etc. Im now in the middle of swapping/ cleaning/ fixing floor pans/painting lol...lets just say a full out project haha so figured this may be a great forum to join as well as a great resource as/when things come up. Not my first rodeo by a long shot as I own my own shop though i do mostly motorcycle work for customers and much of my automotive experience started with import/turbo builds etc 25 years ago. Hopefully my pics will work... a few from when I bought the car and a few from the vortec 350 build...and one from pulling out the old 350.


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Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Welcome, looking foward to seeing this come together
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Jun 6, 2014
Houston, TX.
Welcome from Houston. We love pics!
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