New stock a-frame bushings

Sittin Duck

Jul 23, 2019
My age is going to show. Back when 55-57 Chevies were more common at the dragstrip, one of the old suspension tricks was to grind the "teeth" from the inboard side of all four a-frame bushings, to allow quicker front end rise on the starting line.

I am going to rebuild the front end of my (Drag only) 80 Malibu with new Comp. Eng. 3-ways and Moroso coil springs. It would seem to be a good time to do ball joints etc.

The A-frame bushings appear to be original but having not disassembled them yet, I don't know if the above exercise is even possible or beneficial.

If this setup does not permit the above, what are you drag-only guys putting in your stock A-frames?

Thanks for your time.

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