New to me 1982 Grand National project basket case



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Mar 17, 2019
Quite literally she is a basket case. Original engine and trans long gone, interior is pretty much all there but needs to be redone. Unfortunately I think the grass seed that was in it probably helped contribute to the floor pan rust. The car is solid other than some rust in the floor and some in the t bar. It also has rust around the drain above the wiper motor so i will have to get a firewall to make patch panels from. My ultimate plan for this is to restore stock looking but seeing as how the original engine and trans is gone it needs a upgrade so I’m thinking 86-87 GN engine and trans. I’m currently cleaning it up before I put it in the garage
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Doug Chahoy

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Nov 21, 2016
I’m a lifelong Chevy guy, but I agree. IF you can find the 86-87 GN drivetrain, definitely go that route. Like they always say on Barrett-Jackson about smart upgrades “ No Harm No Foul “


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Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
Glad to see another old G-Body will survive. Tuned in for the build.


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Mar 17, 2019
I’m a lifelong Chevy guy, but I agree. IF you can find the 86-87 GN drivetrain, definitely go that route. Like they always say on Barrett-Jackson about smart upgrades “ No Harm No Foul “
I can find a engine and trans for probably 2000-2500 I would think. The rest would just be wiring harnesses and there’s enough people that have parted them out I think I can find those
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