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Jun 19, 2021
Looking like it is a 350C.

You need to see what is up with the kickdown cable and get that taken care of. Looks like it might need a new speedometer gear that leak looks pretty bad.

A little info on the TCC for a 200C but the basic idea is the same, there is a 3rd gear test port on the 350 so that is different.

There are more but a quick search here is not bringing them up. I found them using an image search on google and bing so I could steal the pictures.
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Feb 23, 2022
thanks bro, what i am thinking is if i ever get this thing running again, im going to drive it straight to a transmission shop
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Feb 20, 2018
The presence of the plug in on the driver's side makes it a lockup version. Of what, however, I am not sure. The topside picture that shows the carb linkage shows the two cables, one for the accelerator pedal and the other for what appears to me to be the kickdown on the transmission. That is indicative of a pre computer t-unit. The angle on the shot does not show any vacuum line exiting a port fitting on the manifold between the carb and the timer, which would be there if the t-mission depended on vacuum signal for its shifts. A shot of the passenger side of the box would be useful as it would show whether there is a vacuum module attached to the t-mission body just ahead of the tail shaft housing.

As for the purpose of the cable that seems to be zip tied to the main case, ?????

The oil pan is just plain weird. Not saying they never came with re-enforcement ribs stamped into them from the factory but pretty much every GM t-mission I have personally ever seem came with a smooth outer pan bottom. Maybe some kind of attempt at creating cooling ribs like the aluminum bodies have, which begs a question; Have you tried to use a magnet on that pan? If metal the magnet will stick, aluminum or ?, not.

Very tentatively I would suggest that it is a 350 variant of some kind but as for being stock or some kind of aftermarket creation, the only way to know for sure is to find a tag or ID plate.

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