Oil on intake????'s



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May 6, 2009
I have a small block Chevy 400 with Edelbrock aluminum heads Edelbrock air-gap intake part number 7501 I keep getting oil on the intake Valley where the air gap is,I took each bolt out one by one and put white teflon paste on all of them and screwed them all back down and now after a couple of weeks I keep getting oil on the valley should I change the bolts which are just normal both out to like some ARP intake bolts or could the intake gaskets be leaking,the engine has been together for like eight years and I just decided to try to stop the oil leak Thanks


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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
PCV spitting out oil via the vacuum line? Valve cover/gasket edge pushing it out from crank case pressure? Stress crack in intake base? Back to PCV, pushing oil into the vacuum system?
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