Olds 455 G Body Headers



May 21, 2020
I have a olds 455 in a 82 Cutlass Supreme! I currently have olds 350 rocket exhaust manifolds on it.. yes I know this isn’t a good idea lol! I would like to find some headers that will fit without spending and arm and a damn leg for the ones that fit inside the frame. Is there any other option or set of headers that I can use EVEN if I have to beat the hell out of them?


Jan 14, 2009
i just contacted them but there sold out.. want have any in stock for a couple months smh
That’s how it was when I got mine, had to wait a bit but they are worth it. I have also had a set of Hedman headers on that engine as well. Fit was tight and needed some hammer love, but they were long tube headers so it is tight in the driver side with the starter. The reason I went with the Thornton’s Was because the long tubes were cooking starters. I did wrap the starter and headers with heat tape and that helped but in the long run I just went with the shorties.
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