GRAND PRIX Original Radio, 86 GP



Nov 2, 2019
I have several 80s GM radio/cassette/5-band EQ with auto reverse & search features. All have black faces some are glossy with the silver trim on the face, others have matte finish face, & others are glossy w/out silver trim. $ 100/ea. + shipping

I also have an Audiovox cassette/CD/ wired for 80s plug connect. I have adaptors to go plug to pin. This is a Din-1 (rectangular opening) size. Used it in my '84 Cutlass for awhile. I have Infinity 3 1/2" Infinity front speakers & Sony 6x9 3-way spkrs. for the rear shelf. All this for $125 + shipping. Keep in mind factory spkrs. can't or shouldn't be used with aftermarket radios because of 4 ohm spkrs. aftermarket & 10 ohm spkrs. factory. Aftermarkets will overheat your amp in a factory radio. Trust me I know!

I also have a 90s gray-faced red # CD player with 5-band eq. Most of these gray-faced ones were in 90s Pontiacs & other GM products ;although not the right color will fit & work with adaptor. $75 +shipping.

I have a 2 channel 2 spkr. system set up to test these.
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