MALIBU Paralyzed n need help



Mar 19, 2020
Hi everyone ty for the add, here's my situation, I been paralyzed 22 years from a motorcycle accident and own a 79 Malibu. I'm only on disability so budget is tight, anyway enough of the sob crap. I'm in search of a swivel bucket to make it easier to transfer from my wheelchair to my car. Anyone have one laying around they don't need? You can have my regular seat it's in decent shape seam came apart but that can be stitched I'm sure, it's burgundy. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I don't scuff my skin sliding across the chair to get in. Thank you in advance.




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Oct 22, 2017
welcome to the site Brett,look into the early to mid 70's malibu's they had swivel bucket seats.they way more common than the later ones like we have.


Dec 26, 2013
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Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Welcome aboard Brett,
Nice Malibu. Hopefully we can come up with a solution to your seating situation. The early to mid '70's swivel buckets sound like the way to go. However, they may be wider than the typical G-body seat. I'm not totally sure. Maybe someone out there with a set can take a measurement.
They would certainly be an attractive looking seat.
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Jan 18, 2018
Try this website. This was a site I was on when I had a 76 Malibu for a short while.


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Feb 7, 2019
WELOCME BRETT! Glad you found this site, the best of the best people here as you will find out, just a great G body family for sure! Love your malibu!! Always had a special thing for the Malibus being my 1st car was a 79 wagon. I too will keep an eye out for you on your seating need for the Malibu. Again, welcome to the G body family!


Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
Welcome! Those seats are mostly for A bodies '73 to '77. Pretty scarce and expensive. Hopefully someone will donate it for you. I know that boats, vans, and RV's use swivel seats and maybe something could be fabricated to make a regular bucket seat swivel. I was looking and found this on Fleabay. I used a set of Monte Carlo swivels a long time ago and I found that I had to relocate the seat base bolt holes back pretty far so my legs could clear the pillar to get out.


Mar 27, 2017
Welcome aboard! That's a nice Malibu. Take a look at those recommendations from experts and you'll surely get a nice one.


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Jun 14, 2017
Welcome Brett, Nice 79 Malibu. Lots of good info here. :cool:
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